We are very flexible and custom build or repair each Mustang restoration for each client. Pure factory stock or with modern upgrades of the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, steering, etc. We inform the owner of the costs and options at each step of the way and let the owner make the decisions.

The owner Paul is a mechanical engineer who has been doing Mustang restorations since he was in high school. His background in automotive design gives him an understanding of structure, metallurgy, and welding that other shops don't have. We know how to support the body correctly when replacing structural parts. Our repairs and Mustang restorations are superior and longer lasting than shops that just have mechanics and body men.

Our team are judges at several classic car shows. We know what it takes to build a show winning car since we judge them. All of our team are interested in classic cars, it's not just a job.

We own several original Mustangs with original paint and in original rust and accident free condition that we use to confirm details and take measurements. No guess work with us.

Every detail is covered. For example for concours Mustang restoration the chassis is painted red oxide if the car is New Jersey or San Jose built and gray for Dearborn built. We can also paint it black if desired. We can also reproduce factory spot welds. The owner is allowed to make all of these decisions.

Since we know Mustang restoration we are more cost effective than most shops since there is no learning curve for us. For example we already know what reproduction parts won't fit and how to make them fit and we have solutions for other common problems. We also have a cost effective procedure to repair cowl leaks that does not involve removing the entire cowl.

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